League of the South Calls for Secession at Smithville Rally

On August 29, 2015 the Georgia League of the South once again delivered the message of secession and Southern independence at a local Southern heritage festival hosted by DnD Productions in Smithville Georgia.  This event provided an excellent opportunity for a joint effort involving both the League of the South and the newly formed Traditionalist Worker Party headed by Matthew Heimbach.  The turnout at the event was smaller than anticipated, but those in attendance were very receptive to the League’s pro-Southern message and literature, as well as being very eager regarding the pontential prospects of a new pro-secession political party.  We engaged the public very well and the sentiments expressed by all in attendance were very agreeable towards our endeavors.  You can view my speech on behalf of the League at the above link.

Smithville 1

My Recent Interview with Lana Lokteff of Radio3Fourteen & Red Ice Creations

On August 24, 2015 I had the pleasure of joining Lana Lokteff of Radio3Fourteen and Red Ice Creations for an hour long interview to discuss the League of the South, our objectives, and the relentless campaign of cultural genocide currently being waged against the South and the Southern people.  We discussed the ongoing Marxist reconstruction of the South, shifting demographic trends, the merits of secession, the insidious nature of Cultural Marxism and much more.  The League of the South is very grateful for everyone at Radio3Fourteen and Red Ice Creations for their efforts in helping the Southern Nationalist Movement spread our message.  You can listen to the interview at the above link.

League of the South Stands in Solidarity with Fellow Southerners at Stone Mountain

The League of the South stood strong in solidarity with fellow Southerners today at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.  Once again our pro-Southern message of secession and Southern independence received a warm welcome from the crowd that ranged between 800 – 1200 people at it’s largest point.  Several League members were passing out Free Magnolias throughout the demonstration and encouraging all in attendance to join the Southern Nationalist Movement.  I was afforded an opportunity by the organizers to address the attendees and speak on behalf of the League, an invitation I gladly accepted.  There were several technical difficulties involving the sound system supplied for the speakers which caused the audio to be projected in a somewhat reverberating ‘robotic’ fashion, but still we were able to deliver our messages effectively. This demonstration was an excellent opportunity to advance our message, and many of the demonstrators approached us following my remarks to inquire about the League and displayed great interest.  The League is certainly making it’s presence felt, and our message is resonating in the hearts of our people more and more each day. If today was any indication of the future, it’s safe to say that our growth, expansion, and influence as a movement is only just beginning.

During the rally I had the opportunity to meet and speak with a freelance reporter named Jeff Hanson who operates a blog called LibertyWarrior.net. Following my speech, which Mr. Hanson also recorded, I participated in a short interview and discussed secession and numerous other topics. Mr. Hanson’s recording of my speech, as well as my interview and the rest of his coverage of the rally, can be viewed at the links embedded below.

Jeff Hanson’s recording of my speech:

Jeff Hanson’s report on Stone Mountain Rally (Note: My speech can be viewed at 4:45 – 8:27 and my interview can be viewed at 12:56 – 21:10)

2015 League of the South National Conference is Great Success for Southern Nationalism

The 2015 League of the South National Conference was recently held last weekend (July 24-25) in Wetumpka Alabama and drew scores of enthusiastic Southerners from all across the Southland.  This year’s conference was leaps and bounds above last year’s in attendance, content and lively atmosphere.  The conference brought together many well known die-hard Southern Nationalists as well as many other supporters of the League of the South from all walks of life. It was an excellent opportunity for those willing to consider and explore the merits of secession and Southern independence to meet, greet and fellowship with like-minded Folk.  The conference kicked off on Friday morning with a host of speakers who shared excellent information regarding our Folk, our identity and the many possibilities our future holds, and lasted throughout Saturday afternoon. Following the last of the conference speakers Saturday was a catered Bar-B-Q lunch and a street demonstration held in Wetumpka. I was given an opportunity by Dr. Hill to deliver a speech on Saturday morning to the attendees. My speech can be viewed in the video above and I will also be posting the other speeches below as they become available. The conference was an overall great success for the League and Southern Nationalism and we are all looking forward to finishing 2015 in a strong way and carrying this fight into 2016. We remain as determined as ever, and we will continue working to build our movement and to eventually raise awareness and defeat the Cultural Marxists who have plotted our destruction. Join us!

League of the South’s ‘Summer Offensive’ Continues in Birmingham

The League of the South’s ‘Summer Offensive’ gained even more momentum with our recent participation at the ‘Monumental Dixie Heritage Rally’ held at Linn Park in downtown Birmingham Alabama on Saturday July 18, 2015.  The event was organized due to the Birmingham Park and Recreation Board voting unanimously to approve a resolution asking city attorneys to research moving the monument to a different location, though no official removal date has been set. The rally drew a crowd of about 350 – 400 at it’s largest point and featured nearly a dozen speakers. I was fortunate enough to be one of the League members who was able to address the gathering of Southerners on behalf of the Southern Nationalist Movement, along with fellow League member Rayn Owens. The event was a big success for the League of the South and our message of secession and Southern independence was very well received.  There were many in attendance that approached us after our speeches and pledged to join the League in our cause.

League of the South Appeals to Southerners in Jackson Mississippi

On July 6, 2015 I joined our good friends and fellow Southerners to attend the Magnolia Heritage Campaign’s ‘Confederate Flag and Heritage Rally’ which was hosted by organizers Chad Scott and Jeremy Walls at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson. The event included several speakers and around 50 – 60 demonstrators in attendance. The rally was organized primarily to bring attention to state legislators and all Mississippians regarding the widespread support and approval for keeping the current state flag in light of recent demonstrations calling for it’s removal. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to address the attendees about the League of the South’s message of Southern Nationalism and secession, as well as several other topics. The speech was well received by the majority of demonstrators and many of them expressed interest in exploring the merits of Southern Nationalism. I encouraged all of them join us in the fight against Cultural Marxism and the ongoing struggle to free our beloved Southern homeland.

Media coverage from the rally is available from several different news outlets and can be viewed at the links below:



Mississippi Public Broadcasting (Radio) – http://www.mpbonline.org/blogs/news/2015/07/07/mississippians-rally-in-support-of-confederate-flag/

WAPT News 16 – http://www.wapt.com/politics/supporters-rally-for-mississippi-state-flag/34012172

Jackson Free Press – http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2015/jul/06/confederate-flag-heritage-defenders-rally-capitol/

Associated Press (AP) – http://bigstory.ap.org/article/1a268c6234e14b778b44b8a90d69b59c/mississippi-flag-supporters-rally-outside-state-capitol

Clarion Ledger – http://www.clarionledger.com/videos/news/local/2015/07/06/29792737/

My Recent Interview with Trad Youth Hour Discussing the League of the South and Southern Nationalism

Folk 4

I recently took part in an interview for Traditionalist Youth Network’s ‘Trad Youth Hour’ podcast hosted by Matthew Heimbach. We discussed a variety of topics related to the League of the South and the Southern Nationalist Movement including:

1) Southern identity and whether non-southerners can take part

2) How America is no longer representative of Americans

3) Working with other nationalist organisations that share similar goals

4) How love for your people does not mean hate for every other people

5) Practical ways that people can help get the message out

And much more. You can listen to the podcast at the following link: